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Social Media Marketing For B2B Brands👆🏼

Gone are those days when we used to write a letter and wait for days for the reply to come back. With social media we are connected to people across the globe in a matter of seconds. Not only in our personal lives but there is no easier way to attract a potential customer with the power of social media marketing. A recent survey conducted reported that 86% of B2B buyers use social media to research brands during the decision making phase If you are a B2B company then your social media presence is critical. Not capitalising the social media power to generate leads and influence B2B buyers could result in less revenue opportunities. So, how can you grow your organization’s social media presence in a way that positively impacts lead generation and conversion rates? Let’s dive in.

  1. Relevancy in Social Media Platforms : For B2B marketers the first thing to contemplate is setting up the right platform that will best connect with their potential audience. Social media has become incredibly effective as it allows precise targeting of the audience to be reached. Every platform comes out with its speciality and as B2B marketers it is important to capitalise on the delivery of each platform. Each platform is relevant and connecting and offers its own set of audience.

  2. Stories Create Emotional Connection : As a B2B content marketer, one should not only focus on performance metrics but also have to focus on the emotional connection. When a customer has emotionally connected to your brand and its offering they spend 2.5 times more that other customers, become more loyal, and have a higher life time value. It is important for B2B marketers to create an emotional connect through content marketing & story telling.

  3. Promotional content on social channels : A major challenge that comes for B2B marketers is to build healthy engagement and organic followers on social media. This majorly happens as the brand social pages are not really exciting. Few of the ways to boost up B2B social presence is by running promotions and offers for audience participation. According to a survey most people are motivated to follow a business for discount codes, how to guides, sweepstakes and engaging content.

Social media is a little more challenging for B2B brands, but it is also critical to their marketing strategies. Social media is all about your community, brand storytelling and a connection with your audience. The key to social media marketing for B2B brands lies in building meaningful connections and foster engagement that not only pushes sales but educates, connects and engages audience at an emotional level.

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