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5 Tips To Better Social Media Engagement👍🏼

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

Getting to know each other is the start to any relationship, just like that letting your customers know you is pivotal for businesses and brands. Engaging with customers, interacting with them is the first step to brand building. There is no better place for brands to connect other than social media. With over 2 billion people online, social media acts as the platform to connect, engage and interact with your audience. There are many ways to start engagement but there are 5 ways which let you cut the clutter :

  1. Visuals that Speak : Visual storytelling has become the centre stage for social media interactions. A recent study reported that images led to an 88% interaction rate on Facebook and increased shares of content by 40%. Interactive & engaging image posts catch the eyes and increase the chances of people connecting, commenting & reacting on your post.

  2. Funny kinda Clicks : Having a bonfire party! Wanna add a little more fire? Order our fiery chicken starters! A little bit quirky, a little bit funny always connects with the audience and fosters deeper level of connection and engagement with the post and the brand. The type of content that brings about a smile receives a positive response and helps in quality and interactive content marketing strategies.

  3. The review system : I really liked that chicken!! It had that spicy feeling and the taste was just fabulous! Getting positive feedbacks now and then always adds up to the likeliness factor for a brand. A lot of times the feedback and review system also helps in seeking ways to enhance the product quality and customer experience to fuel the customer on a satisfying tone. Asking for reviews is a traditional form of marketing spiced up in this new age of marketing.

  4. The emoji connection : There is nothing better that connects with humans than emotions. And an emoji is the textbook of emotions. Chicken that really fires you up🔥. Using emojis need to be a part of your content marketing strategy to create resonating connections and fuel higher engagement for your brand. Just keep in mind that you use it an adequate amount as anything of too much can have a reverse effect ↓

  5. Offers & Promotions : One sure shot strategy to get more conversions is the offer and promotion model. Be it any market, offers and promotions always attract consumers and increase the chances of your conversions. Apart from conversion campaigns it also results in excellent engagement and reactions for your social media campaigns.

These top 5 tips will let your brand and business outshine your competition and will make a resonating sound of your brand within your target audience. Using analytics to measure your results and find what is really clicking will add up to your engagement strategies. Still not sure where to start, connect with our social media agency. We will love to curate engagement strategies that showcase your brand in the most connecting and effective fashion. Are you buzzing with more ideas to increase social media engagement? Share them with us, we are eager to hear from you!

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